Friday, June 24, 2011

Mid-life something

I've decided to pick this back up. I started back into it on Fathers day (6/19/2011) by doing some biking and walking the treadmill. I'm also starting back up with the Wii stuff, just so I can keep track of my weight. The games have gotten pretty dumb on the Wii Fit plus, so I just mess around with some balance games for a few min, but then I'm done.

So far I'm down 14lbs, from 264 to 250. Still, the weight is high and I need to keep up with it so I can get down to 220, then another goal of 200, then the final goal of 180.

I'll keep you guys informed

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All Done

I went in for my second sleep study thing last night. This time however, I had to wear one of those masks. When Michelle, my tech, told me I would be wearing one, I had images of one of those masks you see pilots wearing. It really wasn't anything like that as those masks are for people with severe cases of apnea, and Michelle said mine was mild, at worst.

We tried on a few masks and finally found one that was comfortable. It was sort of weird as the mask pushes air in. If you open your mouth, there's a mild suffocating feeling as the air rushes out.

Even with all the wires and mask, I slept pretty good. I don't know if it was because of the mask because they say it takes about 2 weeks to really feel the effects, but she said I was dreaming good and all that other stuff so we'll see

I'll have the results in a few weeks. I didn't get any video this time as I just wanted to get the hell out of there. I did weigh in at 239 at the office, which was 8lbs down since the last time I was there. My scale says 236, but whatever. It's good to see the results of my hard work paying off!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2nd Sleep Study

I had written some harsh words in a post I had up for awhile today. I have decided that it's not in anyone best interests to carry on with my dislike of things, so I have removed it. This is supposed to be a positive experience, and I will keep it as such. I doubt anyone reads this anyways! :-)

I have to go in for my 2nd sleep study. They hook you all up with wires and then they tell you to go to sleep. Sure.

I'll try and get some video of the before and after of it all and post when I get home in the morning. I won't have results for a long time so when I get em, you'll get 'em and I'll remind everyone on why sleep is so important to losing weight, which is why I mention this at all.

Talk to you all in the morning.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sleep Study Complete!

Good Morning!

I FINALLY went in for my sleep study last night. I actually got in to the study itself pretty quick, but I had missed a few initial consultation appointments and had to wait 3 months since my doctor made the initial referral. However, I was able to get in to the actual sleep study the same day they called to make the appointment. The accomodations were quite nice and can be seen in the first video below:

When I arrived, I was greeted by a very friendly Tech named Michelle. I had to fill out some quick paperwork and she got started "hooking me up" almost immediately and put me right to bed. I can't say I was comfortable physically, but Michelle did everything she could to make me mentally ready for this study.

I was informed that I would need to sleep both on my side and on my back to get some good readings. Michelle was in another room monitoring me. It was sort of futuristic the way she communicated with me. For instance, if I had to go to the bathroom or had any other issues, all i had to do was talk in a normal voice and let Michelle know what I needed. There was an intercom in the room which she used to respond to me. She also would use the intercom to let me know if she needed me to sleep on my back or side. Here I am, all hooked up with wires in a dark room talking to no one and getting answers from an invisible voice. Pretty cool actually. The video below shows how I looked when I awoke:

It will take approx. 2 weeks for the results so check back often to see what happens next. I'll make sure to add more details in the interim.

Friday, July 17, 2009

243 I guess

I went to the doctors office yesterday for a sleep study consultation to determine if I have sleep apnea. I have been trying to make this appointment since May and finally got in. For this initial visit, all they did there was ask me some questions for an initial screening. That was fine, but it was the weight on the scale that suprised me.

I always use our Wii fit to weigh myself and have stuck with what weight it gave me because it was pretty close to the wieght I get when I weigh myself at Active Edge gym in lansing. However, when they weighed me at the doctors office, I clocked in at 243 as opposed to the 239 I reported a week ago. So, either I have gained 4lbs (highly unlikely as I've been very "good" this week), or my scale is 4lbs off.

Since this is the very same doctors office with the same scale that weighed me when I was 263, I'll have to go by what that scale says. Sucks, but I'll get there.
My doctor was very happy with the 20lb loss though!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dogs Life

When I went to take Sasha out this morning, there were big thunderstorms rolling in and big rain drops starting to fall. Since we couldn't go on our usual walk, I just let her do her business in the backyard, and decided to tape her getting her exercise, Cesar Milan style!