Friday, July 17, 2009

243 I guess

I went to the doctors office yesterday for a sleep study consultation to determine if I have sleep apnea. I have been trying to make this appointment since May and finally got in. For this initial visit, all they did there was ask me some questions for an initial screening. That was fine, but it was the weight on the scale that suprised me.

I always use our Wii fit to weigh myself and have stuck with what weight it gave me because it was pretty close to the wieght I get when I weigh myself at Active Edge gym in lansing. However, when they weighed me at the doctors office, I clocked in at 243 as opposed to the 239 I reported a week ago. So, either I have gained 4lbs (highly unlikely as I've been very "good" this week), or my scale is 4lbs off.

Since this is the very same doctors office with the same scale that weighed me when I was 263, I'll have to go by what that scale says. Sucks, but I'll get there.
My doctor was very happy with the 20lb loss though!

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